Here goes nothing!

What better way to start my first blog then with a confession, which is: I am the queen of “make work projects”. Meaning, I thrive when I immerse myself in a project that is fun to do, but a far cry from something I need to do (i.e.: unnecessarily painting a room for a 2nd or 3rd time or researching my next photo shoot concept when I really should be cleaning the house). Each time I throw myself into a new project, I become completely obsessed and work around the clock to finish it. What is the rush you may ask? Absolutely nothing. Creativity makes me completely ridiculous and slightly crazy!

In my defense, I come by it honestly as I have watched my dad do the same thing my whole life. Not all is lost though; I have accomplished many things I am truly proud of in my creative madness.

I express myself through many creative outlets, whether it is a hands-on adventure of a home renovation project or a Pinterest DIY experiment, I seem to be teaching myself something new all the time. Sometimes those new lessons come through mistake or as my husband call them my “disasters”. Other times my creativity is displayed through modeling or art (photography or visual), which are more natural and comforting avenues for me. Regardless of the creative outlet, they are all true passions; bringing me happiness and a source of relief from the crazy lifestyle I live.

I am excited to share my plans for 2013, which are sure to bring elements of comedy, adventure and beauty. As any other year, life will throw me unexpected curve balls that will be a source of growth and ultimately strength… but nothing this completely ridiculous and slightly crazy girl can’t handle!


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