Our First House!

One of the best, yet terrifying feelings in the world is purchasing your first home. You have absolutely no idea what you are getting yourself into or where to start. All you know is the obvious, one minute you go from feeling financially comfortable to completely broke.  Everyone will give you advice and willingly share dreadful stories of their own real estate experiences, most of which are no longer relevant to today’s market but will leave you wanting to run for the hills.

My husband and I bought our first home over two years ago. Our experience was nothing less than amazing. It does help my mother-in-law is in the real estate business, so any nervousness that was starting to form was quickly wiped away by both the mother and professional in her. The house we decided on was absolutely perfect for us and it still serves us well today.

One thing I did not expect to happen after purchasing our home was the eruption of my inner renovator. Over the last two years, my husband and I have redone almost every room in our house. I am so excited to share our projects and transformations.

Before- When we purchased our home.

Before- When we purchased our home.

After- Landscaping and some much needed new paint!

After- Landscaping and some much-needed new paint!

There will be further changes to the exterior of our home in the near future, one in particular that has been in the works for over a year! Stay tuned!!

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