Setting the Tone

You have purchased your first home, now what? You have dreams of everything the house could be and all the changes you want to make. You start looking at House & Home magazines and watching HGTV non-stop. Measurements are taken and paint swatches are selected, it is time to hit the hardware store. Let the renovations begin!Kitchener-20130120-00209

You arrive at the hardware store and the moment you start asking a few questions, everything you envisioned for your first home comes to a crashing halt. It costs how much?!? But… but… I am a homeowner! That shear disappointed has been felt by many, some leading to tears.

I learned very quickly I have expensive taste with a very cheap budget. When I say cheap I do mean C-H-E-A-P, way past the point of being frugal. One of the most cost efficient ways to completely change the look and feel of a room is a can of paint. Personally, I am a Benjamin Moore customer for life. Unfortunately, if you go for the cheapest paint you can buy it generally looks that way when you are finished.57901_433887708605_953960_n

A great example of how paint can have a significant change in a rooms appearance is in our foyer. When you own a home, especially your first, you want all your guests to have a great first impression from the moment they enter.

The foyer was the first room I painted when we took possession of the house. We are fortunate to have a large foyer for the size of our home, so we had a lot of space to work with. One thing was for sure, the orange paint had to go! 57901_433887703605_5630621_nThe green shag rug was removed and the closet doors came off for painting.

The colour choice for the room was very important to me, as it would set my palette for the rest of the house. I wanted something warm, modern but different. After several trips and an embarrassing amount of hours spent in the paint store, I finally decided on the magic one, Benjamin Moore Granite (AF-660). 58761_433892093605_385909_nIt is fairly dark, but with the amount of natural light, size of the room and tone of the floor, the colour brought the element of warmth I was looking for.

The previous homeowner was kind enough to offer us the57901_433887723605_8101535_n entry way table, which was truly perfect for the space. We painted the closest doors white to tie them into the rest of the space.

It felt so good to finish the first room of our house. Our sense of accomplishment did not last long however, as we started to look around and could see this was only the beginning of many cans of paint…

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!


One thought on “Setting the Tone

  1. love it marislindsey. yes! beautiful foyer. what a clean difference. i love how the big mirror leans. love you, keep writing.

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