Flaming RED!!!

It is 5:30 a.m., I can barely open my eyes while I stumble down the stairs into the kitchen. I manage to fill the kettle with water, my eyes starting to adjust to a new day and I finally work up the courage to flip on the kitchen light… BAM!!! It is that bright, screaming red wall again! Talk about a rude wake up call. To think, I am even a morning person and that wall is still alarming to face in the wee hours of the morning. 36171_446730163605_1891614_nThis same scenario played over and over again for several weeks after we moved in. The reality was, the wall was truly glowing.

Now, I should make perfectly clear that I like the colour red. I have personally seen the colour executed beautifully in many homes. This shade in particular was extremely bright, hence the “glowing” effect, and used in a way that did not flow with anything else in the house. I really liked the idea of having an accent wall in the kitchen, as they are typically used in a bedroom or living room. The flooring in the kitchen is a light grey, along with flecks of grey in the counter top. I thought it would be a good opportunity to bring the colour used in our foyer further into the house, as it coordinated well with other aspects of the kitchen.

I decided to try it. What is the worst thing that could happen? I absolutely hated the colour and had to paint one wall over again. When it comes to red walls, it takes just as many coats of paint to get it on the wall, as it does to have it gone. After 4 coats of paint, the red was a distant memory. I decided to paint the shelf white to accent it properly and my husband installed a new hanging light.

The change made my attempts to function in the early hours of the morning less intrusive, allowing me to enter my insanely busy days with a little more ease.Kitchener-20130121-00210 Kitchener-20130121-00211


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