From Circus to Chic!

Now imagine yourself, walking through a house that you are interested in buying. You are traveling from room to room, taking note of the size and finishes of each room. You come to the end of the hall and open the door to find this…


Holy smokes!!! There is a lot going on here! Bright strips on the walls, clouds on the ceiling, sparkle curtains and loud bedding. Where do I begin…

My husband and I viewed our home twice before purchasing it and each time we felt great when we were there. We drove passed several times and went for walks in the neighbourhood. I was definitely more nervous about buying a house than my husband was, as I wanted to ensure we were making the right decision. Many of my close friends and family know it takes me a very long time to make a major life decision. I have been known to take months or even years to make a decision and be comfortable with it. In the real estate market however, you do not have the same luxury. Often, if you wait too long you will lose the house you fell in love with. Even with all the wild colours on the walls (and ceilings!!) we still felt like we belonged here.

This room was by far the most difficult room to paint. The series of technicoloured strips on the walls were blinding, giving me a giant headache. I took more breaks during this project than I would in two projects combined. This was my first ceiling I ever painted. I can openly admit, this is one “home renovation” task I truly dislike. I had more paint in my hair than I care to admit and my arms were killing me. I kept reminding myself, “with pain comes beauty” and the results were fantastic. Clean, chic and fresh!



One thought on “From Circus to Chic!

  1. I really love this colour! ..this room reminds me of your wedding day with your beautiful dress in the window & all your accessories placed perfectly on the bed, love it!

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