Keeping it Simple in the Master Bedroom

I think it is safe to say everyone wants to have a calm and comfortable place to rest their head at the end of the day. If you are a homeowner, your master bedroom is your “go-to” room. Our master bedroom needed to have a sense of warmth; a peaceful atmosphere where we could resort to after one of our long and hectic days. 47318_433899433605_5624375_n

Our master bedroom was updated since the original construction in the 60s. The room had been painted and new carpet installed, but there were a few items that remained original. In line with 70s decor, wall lamps (yes, the two lamps you see are attached to the wall) and burlap thick curtains remained as memories of what once was.

I did like the colour choice the previous owner selected for the room, however I wanted something a little more modern. Our furniture was a dark brown finish with brown bedding, the room as a whole had too much brown. I decided to paint the room Benjamin Moore Feather Grey (2127-60) which has a blue undertone. The slight undertone of blue really added warmth to the room. The lamps were removed from the wall and patched properly. The curtains were very long, almost the length of the wall. Removing them made for numerous holes and several hours of sanding the patched sections. I replaced the curtains with clean white blinds, which were extra thick for a modern look. 228581_10150182495463606_1699854_n

The changes made to the room were simple but effective. A little paint, blinds, a new ceiling light and personal photos, the room has a whole new modern look!


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