One layer at a time!

When you purchase an older home, one thing you learn very quickly is what you see on the surface is very rarely consistent in the layers beneath. Our basement was one project we did not anticipate to be as much work as it actually was. The room was being used for a workout area. In reality we did not need a room dedicated to workout equipment, being that my husband and I both have active gym memberships. Since we had the space, we decided to set up our equipment when we moved in, which quickly started to collect dust. 48024_433895573605_1117448_n

As our life started to change, so did the need to change the purpose of a few rooms. My husband needed a home office but we still required a den. We decided to change our basement to our second living room. Before starting the project, we sat in the space and discussed what we wanted to do. There was a wall containing a door way we wanted to remove, creating a move open concept area. There was an oddly placed chair rail, old carpet, wallpaper from floor to ceiling, old curtains and lighting, all of which had to go. We started to remove the wallpaper, when we discovered another layer of wallpaper underneath. After removing the second layer of wallpaper, we took a look at the actual walls. I can honestly say, I have never seen so many holes in a wall in all my life. The reason for the wallpaper became very apparent. IMG-20120108-00880

  My husband removed the wall and door way, which came out fairly easy. At this point we thought our surprises were over. Ahhh…. we spoke too soon. A good friend of ours came to help remove the old carpet, when I hear my husband yell, “Hunny, can you come here for a second.” Instantly I knew something was wrong. Underneath the carpet, was another layer of carpet and underneath the second layer of carpet was a layer of padding, which was all on top of asbestos tiles. Nightmare!!!IMG-20120123-00911IMG-20120123-00912

The project was quickly turning into a complete headache. It seemed that it was one thing after another and the problems we were running into were both time-consuming and costly. The renovation of our basement was becoming a very big learning experience for us.

Stay tune for the reveal of our finished basement!


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