The Basement- Revealed!

Yesterday, you heard about our numerous headaches during the basement renovation process. I am happy to say that eventually we overcame all the obstacles we were faced with, leaving us a beautiful basement to enjoy.

To remind you what we started with…48024_433895573605_1117448_n

How the room looked during


Drumroll please…. AFTER! :)…


Once we finally removed the multiple layers of wallpaper and various types of flooring, we replaced the carpet with new tan berber, painted the trim a bright white, replace the light fixtures and paint the walls a neutral gray. I ended up deciding on Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137-60, as my room colour. I wanted something dark enough to show a difference from the trim, but light enough to ensure the room was bright and inviting. Can you believe the window was that nice the whole time? The previous owner replaced all of the windows in our home, but you couldn’t even appreciate it with the decor of the room.

This project started out as a simple weekend (or two) renovation, but quickly turned into a several month nightmare. We are so happy with the finished product and so pleased we now have the ability to enjoy the space!



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