Dear 16 Year Old Self…

Dear 16 Year Old Me…

Oh darlin’, think ya got life all figured out don’t-cha?! Well, this is you more than 10 years later to give you a few words of advice and let me tell you, there is so much to share.

First thing is first… stop eating McDonald’s every lunch hour and spending all your money on clothes because you will need that money for university and well lets face it, no one will remember what you wore a month later! (Trust me!) And McDonald’s… adds unnecessary curves… enough said!

Secondly… stop texting while you drive. You don’t get into an accident but you come far too close way too often. Oh… and the government makes it an offense years later with a hefty fine.

Also… only getting 3 hours of sleep before going to work your minimum wage job works out fine. You make some amazing memories in the wee hours of the morning that are totally worth being exhausted!

Next… Don’t let boys take over your life!!!! Girl, you are blinded by “love”… embarrassing! You need to spend more time with your girlfriends. Admittingly, some of your girlfriends will disappoint you equally as much as boys will, but your girlfriends will teach you lessons far more valuable. The boys will come and go, each teaching you an important lesson about yourself. It is ok if you don’t want to marry every single guy you like, if they treat you poorly or if they make you feel horrible about yourself because you meet an incredible man years later that will make you sincerely happy. Just give it some time and have fun along the way because he makes you feel complete.

Ok… Not knowing what you want to do as a career for the rest of your life is ok, you end up having a career you love and enjoy going to work (everyday!!). Having multiple emotional break downs about this dilemma is truly unnecessary.

By the way… embrace who you are!!!! For heaven sakes girl! You are ambitious, a workaholic, overachiever, perfectionist, love passionately, creative and a loner. All of these things give you headaches or bring you to tears along the way, BUT they  end up providing you a lot of joy and success. You will accomplish so many goals you will be truly proud of! IGNORE people who are jealous and bring you down… you eventually leave them behind.

And… the “Freshman 15” is a real thing and you DO gain 15 pounds. Turns out fine though, you develop a passion for working out and running, no need to cry about it!

Word from the wise… Being busy is ok, it is who you are. There will be countless people telling you to, “slow down and smell the roses”, but don’t stop! Life is too short. You will meet your best friend in a few years that shares the same chaotic lifestyle and truly understands the person you are. You push each other and are sincerely happy for the others accomplishments. You care about her more than you can explain.. SO don’t get down on broken friendships, they make you stronger!

For the Record… Playing strip poker will never work out in your favour or be a good idea. You are a horrible poker player, Mom & Dad would be ashamed.

In closing… There will be tragedies and experiences that will break your heart. Each will teach you something new and will make you a stronger woman. You DO need the support from those around you, so stop being so stubborn and accept it.

You are welcome for the advice but you got me where I am today. Continue being slightly insane because the fun has just begun. Hold on tight, you have some pretty aggressive goals in life but your continuiously steady approach has worked out well thus far. Finally, don’t stop loving passionately because you have some pretty incredible people in your life.


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