Working with what you have!

58761_433892078605_7817852_nYou may look at this photo and think, “it isn’t THAT bad!” Truth be told, our last spare room wasn’t terrible but definitely not to the same standard as the rest of our house. I really wanted this room to have a fresh look because I felt it was dark and boring. My husband liked how the room was, not having any interest in changing it. So, you can imagine his reaction when I started to bring out paint samples and idea boards. Suddenly, my small budget became almost nonexistent, hearing “there is nothing wrong with the room the way it is, why waste any money on it?!” I suddenly had flashbacks to my childhood, experiencing what my mother has had to endure from my father for more than 30 years. *Sigh* Did I marry my father?! I truly did not have a good response and settled for, “Babe, I just want it to look pretty too…” Being the ‘mans man’ he is, it was the very last response he wanted to hear.

I decided to work with what I had. It was time to redo the furniture. If I wanted the dramatic change I was looking for something needed a complete overhaul! The bed frame, side table and dresser were being re-finished. I decided to break the news to my husband that this bedroom “face lift” was happening (whether he liked it or not!) by asking him to take a part and carry the extremely heavy bed frame to the garage, followed by a smile, kiss and a big thank you!

To add a little more chaos to the mix, I decided to do this a week before Christmas. Yes, that is correct, one week. I am aware you are thinking I am crazy, which I am. I love being creative, I become completely obsessed with my projects. My husband gave me one deadline, I had to have the bed frame finished before New Years Eve, being we were hosting a house party and required additional sleeping accommodations.

I sat in my garage staring at the multiple pieces of furniture before me. My husband asked me if I knew what I was doing, which I obviously responded with a confident “Of course!!” Had I ever re-finished furniture? No. Did I have a clue what I was doing? Of course not. The only thought that went through my mind was, “Well girl, you better get started because you have a long road ahead of you!!”


To be continued…



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