Part 3: Working with what you have!

With the bed frame coming along nicely, I decided to tackle the side table. The structure of the side table was really good with quality wood. I considered staining the side table the same shade as the bed frame, however I knew I was painting the dresser white. In order to tie in my white accent color, the side table was a good way to add another element of my overall concept.


I started by lightly sanding the side table. I decided to use Benjamin Moore Cabinet paint. Even though, you are not required to sand the furniture you are painting when using this product it never hurts. The paint will always stick to a sanded or rough surface better than finished/clean surface.


Using this product requires a lot of time. The coats go on very thin but the finished product shows quality. Other products apply thicker, leaving a more “caked on” finish product. I waited about 12 hours between each coats.


After applying 4 coats of paint, I decided to replace the handle with a glass knob. I purchased the glass knob from Home Depot for $5.50.

Drum roll please…


I am absolutely in love with this side table and how it turned out. Yes, I know you are probably thinking, “It is only a side table, really you LOVE it?!” As a matter of fact, I truly do. It is fresh, clean and feminine. The table goes so well with my overall concept for the spare room it was intended for.



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