When redecorating a room, often the cost of the small details are what really add up. The truth is, I could spend hours on end and a small fortune at HomeSense. The vases…pillows…mirrors… OH MY! It never ends. While I enjoy some of the finer things in life, I have been known to frequent second-hand stores in search for a bargain. Personally, it is a game. I truly love searching for those “diamond in the rough” pieces, especially when they are the perfect price – dirt cheap!!! My husband thinks most of the items I collect are garbage and wants to show them to the curb the moment they enter the house. I often plea with him to let me work on the pieces I collect, promising the items he calls trash will become beautiful. He rarely sees my vision!

I stumbled across these two lamps at a thrift store. They caught my eye. Before I became too attached, I made sure both lamps were functional. They were. Better yet, the price was right at $3.00 each. Done deal.Kitchener-20130112-00192

To some, they may look hideous but I knew what they could be. So I got to work. I purchased silver metal spray paint for $4.00. Due to the structure of the lamps, if you spray them standing up the paint will run, creating run lines down the lamps. I found a long shoe box that would allow me to lean the lamps on their side.


I applied a thin coat of paint on each side and let it completely dry before rotating.

Each lamp required a new shade, which made the harp visible. I decided to replace each harp with one that was a new, modern style. Kitchener-20130113-00194

The total project took me 1 full day by the time I purchased the supplies, sprayed the lamps and put all the components together. The total cost of each lamp was $23.00 (lamp $3, shade $15, harp $3, stray paint $2-half). The average price of a lamp can range between $50.00 to $80.00 at HomeSense. I was very happy with the final result, unique but classic! A great addition to the spare room renovation project. Spare room reveal coming soon!


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