Part 4: Working with what you have! REVEAL!

Working with what you have in your possession is not always the easy route to take. Often refinishing the pieces you have can be very time-consuming, when purchasing a bed frame or side table would just be easier. I can assure you if you are on a budget, working with what you have will always be cheaper!

As a reminder, this is what our spare room looked like before…


My Inspiration Board looked like this…

Spare Room Inspiration Board

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! …. The finished product!


The room looks so fresh and clean! Can you believe the room cost me $182.00??!!

Let me break it down for you:

– Paint, Stain & Supplies $80

– Curtains $49

– Pillow $10

– Shelf $20

– Lamp $23

Now, you might be asking, “What about the bedding!?” My husband and I received the bedding as a wedding gift. If the bedding was not available to me, I would have used another option I already owned but painted the room a different colour. The major transformation came from staining the bed frame, re-finishing the side table and painting the walls, all of which are low in cost. This project took me HOURS to complete, much longer than I care to admit but in the end turned out great!


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