Capturing the Beauty of the World

“Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful” -Annette Funicello

The ability to see beauty in the world around you is truly a gift that can be deemed priceless. Photography is a form of art that can capture the world’s beauty in a unique and timeless way. Regardless of the form, art has always been a passion for me. The pieces that can be created through this creative avenue is truly amazing and inspiring. What many people don’t know about me is that a lifestyle based around visual art was once my main focus, shaping up to form my future career endeavors. Without going into a long explanation, I decided to pursue a career in law and surround myself in a corporate environment. Two completely different ideas right?! Well, not exactly. Both require structure, yet “out of the box” thinking. My passion for art, specifically photography and abstract painting, still live today. I will admit “life” has definitely interfered with my ability to create artwork, but the world has a funny way in allowing a passion to come back in one’s life.

Last summer, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Chicago. I have always wanted to go to this beautiful, historic and impressive city. One thing I can say, Chicago did not let me down! Visiting this incredible city has only made me love it more, I want to go back.

While I was there with two of my very best girlfriends, I had a chance to take some photos. The architecture was truly outstanding.

Cheers to the beauty of this world and capturing that beauty in such a way it speaks to you…











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