Insightful Mondays

Similar to many bloggers, I began my blog from the inspiration of other bloggers that I actively followed. Each blog with a different theme and overall concept but all having one thing in common, a dedicated activity once a week. One of the most common is bloggers post their “5 Favourite Things” every Friday. While that idea is ending a work week, I thought my dedicated blogging activity would start the beginning of the week on a positive note. An idea for my readers to think about that is reflective, encouraging or promoting self compassion.

Well… here it goes!

Johnny Cash and June Carter were America music icons, starting their relationship in the late 60s. One thing is certain, their lives depicted a never ending roller coaster. Aside from all the chaos, both stars were quoted several times for their identification and appreciation of the simple things found in their lives. One of my favourite quotes being Johnny Cash’s answer to his description of paradise…


Some of the most simple actives or moments during your day can be considered complete bliss. My daily paradise is watching my husband stumble out of bed each morning to greet our equally tired dog. It is a several moment long embrace of grogginess, mustering up enough energy to face the day ahead. Watching this occur every morning is absolutely adorable, something I am truly grateful for!

I challenge  YOU to be grateful for one small, joyful moment you experience each day!

What is your paradise?



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