Our Life in Limbo!

“Where are the renovation posts, Missy!?” said by… countless people!

Many people have noticed my renovation posts haven’t been making an appearance as frequently as before, well there is a reason for that. My husband and I have been experiencing a limbo period, meaning DIY and renovation projects are on hold. The limbo period has been the result of having our house up for sale and debating what we want our next steps to be on a larger scale.

Anyone who knows us will tell you that we have some pretty aggressive goals in life, which is the reason why we are taking this next step in our lives so seriously. With change comes opportunity- I am a firm believer in that. Yes, not all change is full of roses but I prefer to focus on the positives that change can bring.

I feel extremely fortunate to have a husband that is on the same wave length as I am in terms of life goals. We feed off each others excitement that is for sure!

So… whatever avenue we decide to take there will be LOTS of renovation posts coming your way! 🙂



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