*Your Wedding* ~A day you will never forget

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss421742_339617112795261_2114987097_n

My wedding day was truly a day I will never forget, special beyond words. Throughout the day and for weeks following, I heard countless times how much our wedding reflected so much of my husband and I. This was such a compliment to me. Our wedding day was a true expression of us as a couple, from our vows to the small decor details.

I must admit, I was never the girl who dreamed of her wedding day. I did not know what dress I wanted, where my wedding would be, the accent colours I wanted, nor my favourite flower. I truly had nothing in my mind planned or organized. I have heard so many of my friends talk about what they would do for their own wedding ‘when’ they got married and I have attended countless special days, but not once did I start planning my own. I am sure this is surprising for most people to hear, but I don’t feel ‘not knowing’  to be a bad thing. Personally, having nothing preplanned kept my expectations realistic and my mind frame calm. There was nothing to live up to in my head. I started with a clean slate.315668_10150310212963606_5589209_n

Our engagement came as a complete shock to me. My husband and I had been together for a few years then, owned a house and dog together. So… how was getting engaged a complete shock to me you may ask?  Well two weeks prior to our engagement my husband and I were discussing our future plans, where we mutually agreed on a year or two before we would get engaged… NOT a week or two. Something tells me this was all part of his master plan… hmm, just a hunch! 😉

With a wedding being such a true expression of the couple, I thought I would do a series on our wedding and provide a few small tips I learned along the way.



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