Wedding | Theme. Vision. Direction.

To have an overall concept for your wedding is one of the biggest favors you can award yourself. If you were like me and hadn’t given your wedding a single thought prior to getting engaged, you may be thinking “Where do I even start?”

To be completely honest, I had absolutely no idea at first what I wanted. One thing I did know was what I didn’t want, I knew I was not interested in a destination wedding, a wedding in a barn or one outside. Let me be clear, I love the look of the various types of weddings I just stated but personally, having anyone of them would cause my stress level to sky-rocket!!! Destination- one of my biggest pet peeves is my hair blowing around, especially in my face. Barn- I grew up on a farm, I do not need to re-live that any time soon. Outside- I would be so afraid it would rain I would completely stress myself out… Yet, I strongly feel outdoor ceremonies are the most beautiful you can have, which is why I LOVE attending them! I am just a worry wart for my own personal wedding!

Once I started eliminating the things I knew I didn’t want, what I truly wanted (or what my stress level could feasibly handle!) started to become a lot more clear. Soft, classic, pretty and romantic. THAT was my theme! A concept helps you focus when meeting vendors and keep costs under control because there is direction and structure. Most of all, a concept helps to ensure everything you select flows nicely together, which is truly your ultimate goal!

A few examples of my Soft, classic, pretty and romantic theme!








Photo credit: Ema Suvajac Photography



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