Insightful Monday Week 4

I love to workout and be healthy. Above all, I love to run. It is liberating, addictive and empowering.

Recently, I suffered a foot injury from none other than… running. I cannot explain how difficult the last few weeks have been and the next few are about to be, I am unable to run until I receive the go-ahead from my doctor. Truly, there is no “perfect” time for an injury but this one could not have come at a worse time. An entire month packed of very challenging, time consuming and mentally exhausting commitments where a run would have done a world of difference to my mental serenity. My poor husband has had to deal with a very crabby wife, which he has handled much better than I would.

On a positive note, I am able to start light workouts at the gym with specific machines. Small steps. Patience (Something I do not have).

I cannot wait to run again. Running calms me, relieves stress and allows my mind to wander.

What is your empowerment?




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