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Many of us have watched the television programs that showcase the search for the perfect wedding dress. Viewers share in the the tears of joy when the bride has found ‘the’ dress or sheer frustration when “the one” cannot be located. One thing is certain, every bride has a very different experience.

My personal experience searching for the perfect dress was very different than most brides. Through modeling, I have had the luxury of wearing a variety of dresses, not as many as some models but more than the average woman. Truthfully, my body type does not flatter the fit of most wedding dresses. I am not very tall, barely clearing 5’5 and seriously lack curves that I would truly give anything to have. Therefore, to find a dress that flattered me was extremely difficult. I know… I know, we all want what we can’t have!

Modeling did provide me with connections to local bridal shops, so the experience of working with the staff was extremely comfortable. I had the opportunity to work with sales staff that I have known for years, who provided me with their true, honest opinion.

Here it comes… another confession: I would rather shop alone.DSC_7679

Buying a wedding dress was no different. I went once with my Maid of Honor, my mom and mother-in-law. As much as I appreciated their feedback, I knew I would be more successful alone in my search with the final approval given by them. I am blessed with a best friend (my MOH) who is completely honest with me, even when I don’t want to hear it. Along with being honest, Jess is very understanding. She knew I am more comfortable alone, so she wasn’t offended and neither were my other bridesmaids. Once I found a dress I thought was “the one”, I had Jess, my mom and my mother-in-law come to see it. Thankfully, they all loved it.

I will say this, I did not cry or become emotional like most brides I see on television. That moment just didn’t exist for me. At first, I felt somewhat guilty because I thought I should feel emotional. After I gave it some thought, I realized that I was slightly desensitized to wearing a wedding dress because of modeling. The dress made me feel very special, which is appropriate for such a special day.DSC_7606

I knew I wanted something simple, traditional and classic. Nothing modern or trendy. I can be a pretty plain person, who often dresses outfits up with accessories. I ended up doing the same thing with my dress. I went for simple and timeless, with added femininity of a unique designer belt. In line with a true shoe addict, the look was finished off with the perfect pair of pink sparkly pumps (to actually get these shoes in my possession was a nightmare might I add!).

Embrace that everyone’s experience is going to be just a little different. Sometimes knowing what you don’t want in a wedding dress is as important as your preferences.







Photo Credit: Ema Suvajac Photography



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