Insightful Monday/Wedding| COMBO

For something a little different, I am doing an Insightful Monday and Wedding series combination post.

Throughout my life I have always wanted to inspire people, contribute to others happiness and help them achieve their goals. There is nothing more rewarding to me than contributing to another person’s happiness.

Traditionally, a bride and a groom exchange gifts on the morning of their wedding day. Ryan and I decided to do something a little different (Surprise, surprise!). One thing Ryan is not, he is definitely not in need of anything. In comparison, I am not much better. I absolutely do not need another piece of jewelry, flowers or a nick-knack item. Instead, we decided to simply exchange letters to one another to be read on the morning of our wedding day.

Frankly, we have never written each other letters or long mushy emails. It is something we just have never done. So when we decided to exchange letters instead of gifts, I was extremely curious what I would receive from him. I was curious because Ryan is very good with words, he can phrase anything properly at a drop of a hat.

On our wedding day I decided to read his letter before I got my make up done. Thank goodness. In typical Ryan fashion, his letter was irritatingly good…


His letter said things to me that I had always hoped my husband would feel about me and what I had done for him. Most importantly, I inspired him, encouraging every aspect of his dreams even when it has practically been very hard. In my supportive and caring contributions, I “make every day worth waking up for.” <– Point the tears really started to flow!!! (I know, I know… such a girl!)

In that moment I realized that his success was my success, as my happiness comes from helping him achieve his dreams. I had a feeling of accomplishment from nothing I personally attained but from inspiring another. That in itself is a feeling I hope everyone experiences sometime in their life.



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