Why do I wear that ring?!

So… I have this ring. I wear the ring on my right index finger; often going unnoticed by the people who surround me.

On occasion, the odd person will ask why I where a ring on that finger. The ring has significance to me and an outer symbolic meaning.

The ring, as seen here…


Now, what does it mean and why do I insist on wearing it?!

Similar to the outer symbolic meaning a wedding ring displays of a committed relationship (and legally binding one at that! 😉 lol), a ring on your index finger is known as an Independence Ring. A commitment to yourself.

The ring demonstrates ambition, power and assertiveness in ones self. While still valuing your relationship with others, it is finding balance between our dedication to those we love and your inner strength, happiness and health. It is taking responsibility of your own happiness and future, not depending on anyone else to make your dreams come true.

You might be thinking, how can you be married AND be dedicated to yourself?? Easy.

My husband and I care deeply about one another, we support and encourage the other to achieve their dreams. However, we do not depend on the other to make our dreams come true or to make the other one happy. We both take responsibility for our own life, while encouraging and loving the other along the way. Getting married should not remove independence, personally I think it should promote it. A marriage means you have a life long cheerleader by your side, providing support and encouragement throughout the obstacles we will face. How cool is that?!

Do you know what the silver-lining to all this is? I use to wear a plain silver band, nothing special. My husband replaced that ring very early in our relationship to say he wholeheartedly supports my independence, ambition and dedication to my own happiness. On our wedding day, he reminded me that he will never take that away from me, as he respects me more for it everyday. #empowering

So there you have it folks… Now you know why I wear that ring!



One thought on “Why do I wear that ring?!

  1. I never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing and it is great to know you are always committed to yourself as well. More people should hear about this. Best of luck with everything 🙂

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