Wedding | Selecting a Photographer

Everyone has their “thing” with a wedding. Some think the meal is most important, some the option of an open bar and others the venue itself is key to a perfect day.

Without a doubt, the most important thing to me was photos. Throughout the process I never swayed from that reality.

Photos are a huge part of my life, as I have modeled for so many years. I have worked with a variety photographers who range greatly in their level of experience and style. I respect every photographer who I have worked with, as I appreciate their talent and understand the time requirements involved.

For our wedding, I knew what style I wanted, I knew exactly what I didn’t want and the exact angles I expected. Talk about a demanding client, eh?! Personally, I feel wedding photos are an investment. (My husband is cringing at that reference right now, Mr. Money Man!) You are going to look at these photos for the rest of your life, show your family and friends and someday maybe your children. Your wedding photos are a way to remember one of the most incredible days of your life. Why in the world would you cheap out and undervalue them!? Boggles my mind!!!

There!! My rant is over. Now, I know not everyone will agree with me and I am fully aware it is only my personal opinion… but it is a strong one at that!

Since I have worked with so many photographers I had a good idea what their abilities were to deliver my expectations. One photographer stuck out in my mind, not because of her experience doing an endless amount of weddings but her ability to take quality photos at amazing angles and her editing skills are next to none. I focused on the final result and my level of happiness with the product. I can truly say just because a photographer has experience shooting weddings does not mean they will deliver what YOU are looking for. Determining the style you love is key and is something that can take time to figure out.

I selected Ema Suvajac ( to photograph our wedding, as I had worked with her countless times professionally. I am so comfortable with Ema because I trust her completely. She knows my style and personality, most of all she knows the little things I do when posing that I absolutely hate in the final product. In addition to Ema, I was looking for a second photographer to get angles that an “one-man” show cannot. Devon Peters ( came on board as the second photographer, being someone both Ema and I had worked work many times before. I truly had an outstanding duo!!

Prior to our wedding, I sent Ema a variety of examples of what I was looking for, specifically: shot angles, editing and lighting. Ema gave me exactly what I was looking for, never (ever!) having to guess her clients wishes. I truly could not be happier with my photos, they are absolutely perfect!

My Tip: as the bride (or groom) do your own homework, it is as much your job (and responsibility) to know what you are looking for as it is your photographers ability to produce. Take pride in your photos, knowing this is an investment you will see for the rest of your life!














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