Where does the time go!?

Is it really the third week of June already!? Holy smokes!

In many respects, this year has absolutely shot by but a lot of that time has been quite frustrating. My husband and I have been going back and forth trying to decide what we are going to do with our house. We have particular property goals we would like to achieve at a relatively young age, but we truly love the house we have now. It is a toss up!

This year has not been one for renovations, they are all on hold until we make a final decision on our house. Let me tell you, the project list I have never seems to end. Renovations and DIY projects are calling my name!!!

The first half of 2013 has proven to be extremely busy for both my husband and I from a professional aspect. The demands and responsibilities have significantly grown in my career and my husband has embarked on a new adventure that is both rewarding and time consuming. I continue to be a part time graduate student and involved in a variety of organizations in the community. After suffering an ankle injury in the spring, I have spent a lot of time recovering and healing that foot so I can continue to live an active lifestyle. Finally, an important goal of mine for this year was personal growth, empowerment and discovery. I have been reading endless books touching on all kinds of different subject matters to truly understand myself. It has been extremely liberating!

Just re-reading that paragraph makes me tired! The surprises and unexpected challenges this year has made for an interesting start to our first year of marriage!

The second half of 2013 is shaping up to bring more enjoyable experiences and projects. My best friend is getting married, which means an incredible trip to Montreal for her bachelorette and her actual wedding (which is going to be a serious party!!). My husband and I are planning a little getaway for our first year anniversary and a few cottage trips thrown in the mix. I am also hoping to get to some of my many projects I have lined up (and I will be sure to share them all with you!!) and finish reading my book list!

I am sure the time will whiz by just as quickly but with a few more enjoyable moments to cherish!



One thought on “Where does the time go!?

  1. I feel anxious just reading that as it reminds me of how crazy our life is too. But when I stopped to think about having a free weekend I remind myself how boring it is. Busy may be exhausting but no one every reach success sitting on their butt! Good luck!

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