Is dressing “the part” real!?

Now, let me first start off by saying I am NOT becoming a fashion blogger but I will say I have been exposed to fashion for a very long time. Modeling has provided me an opportunity to see and wear incredible fashions for years, some conservative and others have been very unique.

The way I present myself has always been very important to me. I enjoy wearing make up and doing my hair, never do I feel as though I am forced to or it is an obligation. Working in a corporate environment, I feel it is inappropriate not to put effort into the way you present yourself. I take pride in dressing professionally. Presenting yourself in respectful manner naturally generates respect from fellow co-workers. I do believe in the business world “dressing the part” is real. Strictly from a female perspective, dressing conservatively will encourage success and respect from your co-workers. Countless times I have observed women exposing cleavage, wearing skirts that are too short or clothing that is too tight. Going beyond that, women on occasion will apply too much make up or wear their hair the same way as they would doing Saturday morning chores, it is not appropriate for the work place.

A common misconception with business fashion for women is the expense to “look the part” is high. I would argue the contrary, as purchasing high quality staple pieces that will last pay for themselves. You can always mix and match cheaper items with high quality pieces to have a complete look. Paying to have your clothing tailored to fit you properly can make all the difference and is cost many people are not willing to pay. Even in a “business casual” environment, the following are absolutely never appropriate: flipflops, crocs, yoga pants, sweatshirt or jeans (especially with holes in them… even if that is the “in” style).

Never underestimate the old saying “Dress for Success”, I can assure you it is very real.



3 thoughts on “Is dressing “the part” real!?

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I enjoy putting effort into the way I look and dressing professionally. Even if my workplace is falling down around me, I’ve always took pride in putting professional outfits together and looking presentable to the public. You never know who could come in and appreciate the effort that you take in presenting yourself and could even lead to better options in your career. I even get slack for it sometimes. I enjoy nice clothes, and looking nice, and presentable. Frumpy is dumpy.

  2. I totally agree! I am in a casual environment and I cannot believe what I see on a daily basis! I found myself starting to revert to jeans and a nice top because everytime a dress business casual people make a big deal about it. But I realized I’d rather look good and maybe inspire someone to dress appropriately. Thanks for this post 😉

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