Insightful Monday Week 13

In lieu of yesterday being a holiday in Canada, this week’s Insightful Monday has morphed into Insightful Tuesday.

I had a fantastic weekend away at a cottage that my husband and I go to on an annual basis with a number of our friends. The scenery at the cottage, the opportunity to sleep in and read, all provided me a chance to “Just Breathe”, as shared in my message last week. The book I am currently reading is both empowering and enlightening (a book review coming soon!!). Even though I am not finished the book yet, there has already been a few “light bulb” moments. One is about the busy lifestyle ambition creates, “crazy-busy” being the normal not calmness being the majority. And that is okay.

The quote below perfectly describes the idea that if you are a self inflicted “busy bee” because you want to achieve great things, your focus should be finding moments of calm serenity not changing your life to be calm. That is not who you are. Take pride in your ambition.





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