Escape| Breathe| Refresh

From the moment I put my running shoes on I can breathe. I am excited for the next half hour of my life.

My love affair is with running. When my feet hit the pavement I feel liberated, my ipod on full blast and I am about to lose myself in the music.

My mind will always wander when I run, I think about my day, friends, family, goals, ambitions. Other times, I will take in the world around me or think of dance routines (I know… you may think that is random but I danced when I was younger, so it is engrained in me!)

When you truly love an activity, it isn’t work or a chore. Running is a release for me. It is time alone to get lost in a dreamland or a state of “calmness” among the chaos. Contrary to popular belief, running doesn’t make you tired it actually gives you energy. When I finally catch my breath after a run I am the energizer bunny, it is incredible.

Embrace the things that liberate you, release you from the stress in your world and provide you an opportunity to press “Restart” in your mind.

Kitchener-20130529-00301 (2)



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