Insightful Monday Week 18

Happy belated Monday everyone!

I am happy to report I finally took some time to relax this weekend. Each day I slept in, read my book and worked out. It was absolutely fantastic. Spending time at home after being gone for more than 6 weekends in a row finally became exhausting, therefore; I needed a time out.

Yet among the chaos of this year, I still have time to maintain a healthy life style. Countless people talk to me about working out, telling me what they do and asking me questions. I hear SO often that, “I just don’t have time” or “Work is totally consuming all of my time, I just can’t”. A few days later I hear from the same people they feel sluggish and exhausted.

Taking care of your body is extremely important. What is more critical is the fact you are actually LESS productive… now, let that sink in… when you don’t take a break and take care of your body. Your actions (or lack there of) is doing more harm than good.

Instead of complaining that you feel “gross” and exhausted, take a half hour break and work out. It will do you wonders!!




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