DIY Fail!!

Two thumbs down to this one!!! So do you remember this coffee table I was going to re-purpose?? Well, I can officially say it was a DIY fail.

My vision for the coffee table was to make it into a bench for our front foyer. I planned to upholster the top, remove the front doors and paint it white. My husband “helped” me remove the two small doors from the front… aka, physically ripping the screws out of the wood to get them off!

To his credit, he did try very patiently for quite some time to remove them neatly to ensure my project would go a little smoother. Unfortunately, it became apparent that was not an option. Being the strong dude he is, they were finally ripped off where we discovered the only part of the table that was real wood was the top. It was covered very well because I looked at this coffee table thoroughly before bringing it home!


Unfortunately, real wood for this project was a must. The table had to be very sturdy for it to be used as a bench… with the size of my husband’s friends and the frequency of their visits you would understand!

…And I even bought adorable fabric!


Even though this project was a fail, I have my eye on the next one! 😉 Stay tune!



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