Wedding|Our Proposal

Two years ago today, I experienced the greatest surprise of my life. My now husband proposed to me.

At the time we had been together for 3 years, living together for 2 1/2 of those years. Now, you are probably thinking, “Marissa, how could you not have known?!” Well, about a week before my husband proposed to me we were walking our dog and talking. When we walk our dog together, we often will have serious conversations. I remember this walk vividly, as we discussed getting married. We both agreed to wait a year or two before getting engaged, do a few more things we had planned and save more money.

Soooo… why was I completely surprised?! We agreed to a YEAR or TWO … NOT a WEEK or two!!!! Little did I know, I was the naive one. Of course, my husband had that conversation planned. Shocking…299036_10150297387123606_2817858_n

The date of August 20th, 2011, will be one I never forget. The night before my husband told me our morning golf game was cancelled with the pair we planned to play with because something came up. This was the 3rd time the couple had cancelled, my husband felt terrible to take up yet another Saturday so he booked me a massage (he has done this before). I called my best friend to see if she wanted to run with me in the morning before my massage and she did.

When I got up that Saturday morning I had absolutely no idea my whole life would change by the end of the day, although everyone else in my life did. After my run and massage, I was leaving my RMT when she handed me an envelope and said, “Ryan wanted me to give you this.” Very confused, I brought the envelope back to the car and read it. The letter told me to go home, get ready for the day and the rest of the instructions would be to follow. The rest of the day was full of notes, people popping out of nowhere, clues and puzzles, such as: my best friend jumping out from behind a male underwear stand at The Bay, shopping spree (I bought a pair of amazing shoes that day!!), spa afternoon and dinner with my parents (who were completely normal-annoying!).

After leaving dinner with my parents, my mom handed me the final letter from my husband. The letter told me to go to the park near our house, which is a very special place for us because of many memories we have shared there together. When I arrived, it was raining and typical me I did not want to get out of the car because I didn’t want to ruin my hair… I know I know, what a girl! BUT I saw this heart melting sight…


My husband is very good with words and seems to say all the right things at the perfect times…


And… she said YES!!! (Obviously… 😉 lol)


You may be asking who took all of these photos. Well, my husband asked one of my girlfriends to hide in the backseat of our SUV and take photos. We already call her our paparazzi, so it was only fitting!

Just when I thought the day was over, my husband had a whole evening planned. All of our closest friends and family were waiting at our house where he had an engagement party set up. It was absolutely amazing, I had the chance to share our joy with all of them. Later on that night, a group of our friends went out to the bar dancing and celebrating!

One of the longest but most amazing days of my life. The proposal may have come earlier than I anticipated, but that surprise was something I could not possibly live without.

Thank you baby for giving me a day I will absolutely never forget! XO



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