Healthy Life| Busy Eating

A major component of any healthy, active lifestyle is diet. You can religiously workout but with a poor diet you will never see the results you expect.

Kitchener-20130817-00543My husband and I have very busy and often times opposite schedules. Diet is very important to us. We are rarely home at the same time for dinner and if we are, the fastest meal possible is usually the go-to. The “fastest meal possible” does not have to be unhealthy, which is a common misconception.

Almost every week, my husband or I will cut up vegetables to fill an entire container, mixed with various peppers and onions. When we are on the-go, making a quick stir-fry or omelette is healthy and quick meal option…. and ALOT cheaper than eating out all the time! Since the prep is already done for us, we are more inclined to make one of these choices instead of stopping somewhere or skipping a meal all together.

Just another great way to incorporate a healthy diet with an active lifestyle!


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