Major Impact that isn’t PAINT!!!

When you think of changing a room, some may automatically go to new paint or furniture. Painting can completely change the feel of a room in a very cost effective way. Although, this is not the only way to change the feel of a room. I did not truly appreciate the impact of our last project until it was finished.

From the moment we moved into our home, I hated the closet doors in each bedroom. They were original, wood doors. Aside from looking like garbage, they felt cheap. I mentioned to my husband I would love new closet doors, but his first reaction was “there is nothing wrong with them, we have other things we need to do that take priority right now”. He was absolutely right, so I left it alone. As time went on, they actually started to breakdown. My husband fixed them countless times but eventually it got to the point they were beyond repair.

So… after more than 3 years my dream was coming true! NEW CLOSET DOORS! Wahoo!! Off to the home improvement store we go. Browsing the endless options, some where just SO pretty. I looked at the prices, not too bad. To do 3 bedrooms, it was going to cost just over $300. Reasonable, right? This is when the fun really began…

After giving the gentleman that was helping us the measurements for the frames he kindly informed us, “Sorry guys, this will be a custom order. Your door frames are no longer builders standard sizing.” Say WHAT?! That evil word just kept repeating in my head…. CUSTOM… CUSTOM… CUSTOM!!! You know what that means…. $$$$$!

I was not a happy camper. Now that replacing our closet doors had become a ‘need’ rather than a ‘want’, we didn’t really have a choice. We discussed what would look best in the space and add the most value to the rooms, then placed our order. When the closet doors arrived, I was actually SO excited! Who would have thought new closet doors would make me so happy!? I certainly didn’t.

My husband is amazing, actually. He took a week off to work around the house and the closet doors became his first project. Anyone who has installed closet doors knows they are not easy, with so many small parts and requiring exact measuring it is a very time consuming project. It took him an entire day to install all 3, fusing around with each door. (I am kinda glad I was working! 😉 lol) When I came home and looked at the final result, I could not believe the difference it made. I absolutely LOVE them, giving each room a totally different feel.

You may be asking what the final bill was since it was custom. Well, the price doubled. The standard sizes started at $300 and our bill was around $600. Yes, the cost was significantly more for this project but completely worth it. The closet doors look amazing!









(Excuse the mess!!)








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