Wedding| It has been a year, already?!

DSC_9796On Sunday, my husband and I will share our first wedding anniversary. To some that will read this post, your first year anniversary probably seems like a lifetime ago. To others, year 1 wasn’t that long ago and you take a moment to reflect on your first year as husband and wife. Finally, those of you who aren’t married will either daydream of what it is like or think this post it utterly silly.

But to me, year 1 hasn’t been exactly what I expected. I have learned ALOT… not about my newlywed husband necessarily but about myself.

I still cannot believe it has already been a full year since we got married, truly it seems like yesterday. My parents remind me time only speeds up and the years quickly build. When I think back to what we have experienced in the last year, I can assure you it has been filled with ups and downs. The year of our engagement in itself was insane, let alone our lives after we got married.

Our first year of marriage has looked kinda like this:

  • my husband merged his business with a local firm (which he started right after we got engaged! #stressedbridetobe);
  • renovated our spare room;
  • went on our honey moon;
  • I finished my graduate program and started another one;
  • we put our house up for sale;
  • put an offer on a house, was accepted, later bumped out by a cash offer (resulting in not selling our house- new game plan!);
  • suffered an extreme sprained to my right ankle, which resulted in not being able to fully run or work out for months (driving my husband absolutely insane!);
  • was apart of my best friend’s wedding;
  • trip to Montreal; and,
  • managed to attend all our annual cottage trips with family and friends.

All of the above does not account for my significantly increased stress and responsibility at work, concerts, committees, small DIY projects and modeling. Honestly, insane!!

Aside from all of the insanity listed above, I have learned so much about myself. I didn’t think getting married would actually change me or us, as my husband and I lived together years before we ever got married. The two things I have learned about myself over the last year are: 1) I can truly accomplish anything if I make a dedicated effort, and 2) patience does exist deep (DEEP!) down inside of me.

I have previously shared my lacking domestic ability, but slowly I am improving. Over the last year, I have made dedicated efforts toward improving my cooking skills and cleaning more without my husband asking me to. Now, let me just clarify because I know my husband is reading this right now and thinking, “You have a long way to go yet, Honey!” Yes, I do have room for further improvement but there has been significant progress and the gap between shared responsibility is getting closer. Small victories are what count, because they all add up to overall improvement.

Secondly, patience. Anyone who knows me well can tell you I have a low level of patience toward many things in life. In the last year, I have realized the importance of picking your battles and taking the time to just breathe when you are ready to scream. Again, there will always be room to improve but there have been several moments that have surprised me. My level of patience is growing and it feels fantastic.

I didn’t expect to learn more about myself than about us as a couple. Growth and change is empowering, exciting and rewarding. I am learning to embrace every moment and appreciate the things that are not tangible in life because they mean the most.

My husband and I have recently discussed some of our goals for next year and I truly cannot wait. I am continuously impressed by what my husband can accomplish and together the things we can completed. Our first anniversary trip to New York City will be one we will never forget and the start of some amazing traditions.

To my husband, simply… thank you for being you. xo


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