5 Beauty Must-Haves!!

There are a few items in my beauty routine I would not be able to live without! They are basic, but product staples.

I am not one to wear eyeshadow, lots of eyeliner or much foundation. My everyday look is pretty basic, mascara, a little eyeliner and blush. Done! Sometimes the prep takes longer than actually applying the makeup however. I have very dry skin. If I don’t sleep in a layer of moisturizer I feel like my whole body is going to dry up like a prune! Great visual image.

My face is especially dry and very sensitive to new products. If I want to use a new product, it takes me almost 6 months to integrate it into my routine or I will completely break out. Typically, I find a product I absolutely love and stick to it. Sooooo…. when a company decides to discontinue a product I have a small freak out and mourn the lose of another beauty product to bite the dust!

Along with the pleasure of having very dry skin, I have extremely FLAT, FINE and STRAIGHT hair!!! The dreadful combination that makes doing my hair a living nightmare on a daily basis, along with the reality that if I don’t do my hair I look like a drowned rat! True story. Gross.

Without further a-do, my beauty must-haves that make my awful hair and prune like skin tolerable…


1. Le Coupe Volume Hair Spray (Shoppers Drug Market) $7.99

2. Vaseline (Shoppers Drug Mart) $4.99 – Used to remove make up and moisturize lips.

3. Arbonne Anti Aging Eye Cream (Consultant- there are a million but can refer you to mine if requested!) $67.00

4. Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara (Walmart- best price!!) $5.99

5. L’Oreal FUTUR’E Daily Moisturizer (Zehrs) $12.99



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