Insightful Monday Week 25

Friends… there are so many different types. I am a firm believer that each friend will play a different role in your life. Some friends are more like siblings, others take care of you like a mother. You may have friends you can count on for a good night on the town and others that you share a common passion. What ever the relationship is, each friend is special and unique.

I look at my girlfriends. They vary greatly. I have a free spirit, a dreamer, a mom, sister, party animal, perfectionist and caring-extremer. They all have different roles. Some push me to achieve that next level, my dreams… my endless desires. Others will help me appreciate what I have now, present day. Some of them have seen me cry, others have only witnessed the fighter in me...the over-achiever, perfectionist nutbar.

I am proud to say I have only a few close girlfriends, not many. The ones in my life are extremely special to me, I would truly do anything for them at any moment. They are my support when I have a weak moment or have gone off track. I love each of them and appreciate everything they bring to my life.

Love you girls XO



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