Insightful Monday Week 27

Happy Monday! This weekend was full of amazing things!

The weekend in general went by very quickly, but I had the chance to do a number of things I love.

First, the Insightful Monday Quote…

Life should involve everything you love, the things that make you happy. This weekend I was able to participate in my first run since I injured my ankle and it felt great! It was a perfect run to start with as it was a fun run, not timed. A little Color Me Rad brought me back to feeling great. I ran with my best friend who always makes me laugh and every single thing we do so enjoyable!

The before…


The AFTER!! 🙂



It was a pretty gross day in the morning when we ran due to the rain, but it ended up being perfect. The temperature made for an easier run and the rain helped to make the colour stick!!! Proving to be a bad thing later as I had a photoshoot in the afternoon. Whoops! Poorly planned on my part… but after 2 showers, the colour was pretty much off.

Modeling makes me happy. Period. It is a form of expression I cannot not describe, allowing me to be whomever I choose. It is fantastic.

This weekend I worked with a friend of mine, Brogan from Brogan McNab Photographer. (Check her out on Facebook, she is wicked talented!) Our shoot was outside, natural lighting and natural hair and makeup.

Make Up and hair are done!


A quick sneak peak of our results!


Thank you Brogan for always being so easy to work with and making me so comfortable!

Living life to the fullest brings happiness and energy to do more. A truly amazing feeling to start my insane week ahead!



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