Is Christmas here yet?!

9ade5105569e90b0a2fd6f6ae9adfdf3Christmas?!! You may be thinking, why are you talking about Christmas, it is still October!

Anyone who knows my husband or I will know we are completely Christmas psychotically obsessed. There is nothing we look forward to more during the year than the holiday season. Our Christmas lights for our home have been pulled out of storage and placed in the garage ready to go up. Don’t worry, we DO wait until the calendar says November! 😉

There is something so heartwarming, caring and joyful about the holiday season. Our home typically looks like the Christmas gun exploded and there is glitter and decorations in each corner. We purchase loads of candles that smell incredible, leaving our home so cozy. Every year in October we will send each other a photo or message at the first sighting of Christmas decorations in the stores. Yes, we are those annoying people the stores will put Christmas decorations up early for…. It is just so exciting!

Sorry to break the news to you but today we are 2 months away from Christmas day. Yahooo!!!!! Most of you are probably daunted by the thought but it truly just brings me so much excitement.

This year I am hoping to purchase a few more “staple” decorations, ones we will have for a long time. Also, actually write and send out Christmas card! Very few people do them anymore but I just love receiving them. Finally, my last goal is to learn how to bake 1 or 2…. whoa…. let’s stick to one right now….. Christmas desserts! Don’t want to get ahead of myself!

Kitchener-20121215-00114Last year, I put a lot of effort into wrapping our gifts. I truly just love wrapping gifts and making them look amazing. I am definitely going to do that again! People just loved receiving gifts that had so much time and effort placed on them.



Christmas 2013 is truly going to be very special for us. We will be very close to welcoming our niece into the world and concluding a year of utter chaos and constant change. We have so many things to be thankful for and I feel truly blessed.






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