If you really knew me…

The internet and specifically, social media, has made it possible to become whomever you decide to be. On a daily basis we meet people for the first time and those first impressions are not always accurate. One bad experience with someone can leave a sour taste in your mouth for ages.

I am a firm believer of giving someone a chance, taking the time to learn about who they are and what drives them. Finding out what makes someone get out of bed in the morning is both empowering and encouraging. Being misinterpreted I feel is common, it is human nature to jump to conclusions about someone… whether we like to admit it or not.

Throughout my life I have been frequently misunderstood or even judged. Now, I don’t blame judgment on others necessarily, nor do I consider myself a victim. In hindsight, I have brought a lot of that on myself. I am very shy with people I don’t know, which can be misconstrued to be “cold” or even a b*@$%. I don’t blame people for thinking that, it is hard not to. On the other hand, when I get comfortable around people I tend to not have a filter. I can make bold statements on topics where I really should apply some “softening” to the remarks I make. With maturity and experience, that is starting to improve… and with my lovely husband’s gentle strong reminders. 😉

I put myself out there by writing a blog. I put myself out into the world by modeling. So… what does the screen hide?

  • I am shy. As I mentioned above, I find it hard to communicate in person with people I don’t know. I don’t want to say the wrong thing.
  • I am a loner. I LOVE being by myself. Most of my hobbies involve being alone. It is quiet, peaceful and empowering.
  • I am an introvert. It is different than being shy. I am at my most creative, empowered and alive when I am alone. Being shy is defined as, “fear of social judgment”.
  • I love cheese and dark chocolate. I don’t go a day without eating one, but on most days both.
  • I love to dance and sing. I do this alone, singing at the top of my lungs and dancing around the house… my husband has caught me once or twice… #embarrassingmoments
  • I am clumsy. Several people in my life have witnessed my falls/tumbles.
  • I am a nerd. I love learning and because of that, I am always completing a course part time.
  • I love wine. Pino Grigio specifically.
  • I love a bed being made perfectly. I take joy in doing this every morning.
  • I hate my armpits touched. It grosses me out.
  • I am a horrible round-about driver. Yes… I am the person who you yell at in your car on a regular basis.
  • My bank account must be at an even number at all times. (Example: $200, $300, etc.) Uneven numbers make me uncomfortable.
  • I am virtually incapable of doing anything on my left side. It can be very inconvenient.

So what gets me out of bed each day?

Creating beauty, making people laugh, loving deeply and pushing myself to influence the lives of those around me.



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