The Cost of those Stairs!

Making your home look beautiful definitely has a price tag. Home renovation projects aren’t cheap, especially if they are anything major (I.e.: kitchen, bathroom, etc).

Small changes can have a huge impact, with a relatively low price tag. I have a lot of people ask me the price of the projects I feature on my blog, with many assuming the cost is high. Some of our home renovations do cost a good amount of money, but not all. Recently, I featured the refinishing of our stairs. The entire project cost less than $100.00, but took a significant amount of time. If I had to pay someone to do the work, it would have cost me 10x as much, due to the labour involved. I can assure you that a high price tag on stairs would NEVER fly with my husband… I mean never!

The cost looked something like this…

2 cans of Paint Stripper @ $26.99 each

1 quart of white paint @ $24.00

1 small tin of Gel Stain @ $14.85

Total Cost $92.83

Always keep in mind the price of a project versus the value of your home. You don’t want to put more money into your home than you will get out of it, purely from an aesthetic perspective. Maintaining the structure and mechanics of your home should always be the first priority, making it “pretty” can come later.

Making it “pretty” it the best part though! 😉





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