Insightful Monday Week 35

52a0b92351e847da6bfc6177e0a1b4bbThe start of December, the last month of the year and a month full of happiness and joy. Often described as magical, there is something so uplifting about the holiday season.

This weekend we put up our tree, decorated the house and had family over. Christmas has certainly arrived in our home.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, 2013 has been a very challenging year for a multitude of reasons. I am definitely over this crap-tacular year. I do not seem to be the only one who is ready to move on to 2014, it seems like this year has been a doozy for quite a few people.

With all that said, I am really trying to focus on what this year has taught me. I truly have learn a lot about myself, I have grown stronger along the way. A fully reflective post is to come but for now, I will sit with the confirmation I am a stronger person than one year ago.



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