Insightful Monday Week 36

A little bit of solitude does great things for the sole. -Me

There was a lot of quietness around our home this weekend, with my husband away coaching in a hockey tournament the television was barely turned on and our dog went on far more walks than usual. I decided to venture out to do some Christmas shopping and happy to say I made some significant progress.

Above all, I continued my domestic efforts and attempted to make chicken noodle soup and ginger cookies. Well, the soup was an EPIC fail! It went straight to the garbage and toast was my dinner alternative. Trying to keep focus on the good, the photo of the ginger cookies I posted last week, seen here…

b8f63d0b3e50541036eff214fe567d53They turned out absolutely delicious! I am very proud of myself. Who would have thought, the girl with the world’s largest sweet tooth can’t cook but can bake!?


Troubling for my waistline in the future.

Finally, I will share why this weeks Insightful Monday Quote hits home. On Saturday night, I was home… alone… working on my dreadful, never-ending course and extremely frustrated. Once again, cursing my over-achieving self. In one of my many breaks from studying that night, I saw this quote. It rang true. So I got up, poured myself a big glass of wine and returned to my studies. This time, with a little more acceptance and compassion.




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