The Dreaded Holiday Bulge

759107808a2ef8e7132ad831a688fafcOver the holiday season, our lives are full of friend and family gatherings, work parties and life in high gear. It is easy to lose control of a diet or workout plan. Here are a few suggestions I try to incorporate over the holidays to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

1. Drink a big glass of water before I go to a party, which helps me to kick the need to snack.

2. I will consume water in between drinks. It is easy to forget to drink water when you are at a party, one can become easily dehydrated. Common symptoms of dehydration are similar to being hungry. I try to avoid getting to this point.

3. Make sure I eat balanced meals during the day. If you are afraid of overeating at a family gathering and compensate by skipping a meal, you may increase the likelihood of eating more later on.

4. Voluntarily reduce my gym expectations over the holiday season. The reality is, the holidays are an extremely busy time of year and I may not get the to gym as much as I usually do. Instead of stressing myself out, I will reduce my gym dates by 1 or 2 times a week. This allows me to reduce my stress level and feel confident that I am maintaining an adequate level of activity.

5. I try not to snack prior to a large meal. Personally, if I start snacking on appetizers I can’t stop.

6. Give myself a little self compassion. It is the holidays, a time of love, happiness and cheer. If I go to the gym one less time but go for a walk with my family on a beautiful snowy night, I will not gain 10 pounds or “fall off the wagon”. Remember, it isn’t a bad thing to give your body a little break for a week or two.

Set reasonable expectations and provide yourself some self compassion. Both will go a long way to achieve overall balance and mental serenity.

*Note: I am not a trainer, nutritionist or healthcare provider. The above mentioned are personal tips.



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