A Warm Welcome to 2014!

ef707021510966629c883de78cdff843 As 2013 comes to an end, many of us will reflect on what the last year has brought us. I will be the first to admit I am giving 2014 the warmest of welcomes!

The last year has been full of challenges, most unexpected and some self inflicted. My best friend reminds me of the positives that came from 2013, which I am trying to focus on. The challenges have been educational, to say the least.

I can say, without hesitation, the best part of 2013 was seeing my best friend get married. I was honored to be part of the experience and able to share that with a group of amazing girls. Between the Stag & Doe, bachelorette and the wedding day itself, I have made memories that will last a life time. I could not be happier for her.

Visiting New York City with my husband for our 1 year wedding anniversary was truly incredible. With both of us never visiting the city, it was a perfect weekend getaway to celebrate making it through a roller-coaster first year of marriage. I say roller-coaster because living a life in “high gear” will bring natural challenges and obstacles, testing our love and ability to work as a team. I appreciate what my husband brings to the table more than I did a year ago and hope that appreciation will continue to grow for a life time.

In 2013, I consciously made a decision to improve my domestic abilities. Even though they are far from perfect, I feel I have definitely improved. By purchasing a super pretty, wicked-cool vacuum and a fancy new washer/dryer set, the domestic duties seem to be more enjoyable! I can’t say I will ever “love” cooking or cleaning, but my journey to be adequate at them and not absolutely hating either of them has seen improvement.

Finally, this year has revived my passion for art, specifically painting. In the fall, I started my first canvas and continue to work on it. I am still getting back into the “swing of things” and finding my artistic groove, but hoping the new year will afford me more time to dedicate to this passion.

I am leaving out my re-hashing of 2013’s painful obstacles to allow my focus to be on the positives. Those who are close to me know what they were and still are, all of which make me a stronger and better person.

NOW… 2014… you are MY year! b6a6264833a5b459bbf99ca787c1513d

Personally, I look at each year as a new chapter and each phase a new section in my life. Not everyone will buy into new years resolutions. I do. They provide structure to new ideas and goals, offering a timeline with natural motivation. They are a tool to build structure for accomplishing goals and improving ones self.

I love to grow. learn. embrace. love. live.

I am setting my 2014 resolutions high because I will reach for the stars to at least land on the clouds. Time will only tell…

– Renovate: Front door, bathroom/ Refinish: Front table

– Complete the remaining 3 core courses of my graduate program

– Incorporate 1 yoga session a week to my workout routine

– Run 3 sanctioned races

– Sell my first painting in 10 years ….

The list goes on but I don’t want to ruin all the surprises I have in store! Cheers to a new year and fresh start… the world is yours!



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