Putting Life into Perspective

It can be a moment, a person or a feeling. Each day it is different and on occasion the same. It is called gratitude.

The stress of everyday life can often get in the way, it is easy to lose sight of all the little blessings that make life worth living. Gratitude Journal cafe writing blogging appreciation

Last year, I took a lot of steps to improve and grow the person I am. Growth is a continuous journey that I believe never truly ends. To ensure I didn’t forget about all the accomplishments and blessings I had in my life, I started a gratitude journal. The journal is meant to serve as a reminder of each day’s small victories and to highlight achievements.

There are days I feel like I have so many things and people to be grateful for and there are other days that simply, let’s face it… plain suck. Those are the days, more than any other, that writing in the journal is so important. When life seems to throw you a whole bag of sore lemons you can still manage to say you are grateful to be alive demonstrates true gratitude. The journal allows me to bring life back into perspective when on the surface it is challenging.

The journal isn’t there for “another thing to do”, it is there as an outlet and tool to create a little self compassion. There are months I may only write in it twice and others I will write in the journal almost every day, however I choose to focus on every entry I made oppose to all of those I did not.

Take a moment and ask yourself, how do you remind yourself of what is most important?



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