Insightful Monday Week 41

Daily life is busy. We each have hopes, dreams and goals; all of which require time and dedication.

Life is about priorities, selecting the tasks and people who will consume the most amount of your time. I haven’t always been very good at balancing friends and life. Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way the importance of putting people first. I have lost friendships and eroded relationships when I didn’t make my friends and family #1.

In the last year more than ever, I have heard so many people around me complain about how busy they are. In my head, I just think how sad it is because they made the decision to live their life in this manner. It was a choice.

Being someone that leads a very busy life, I am proud to say the “light” in my head finally went off. I realized that when I am old my accomplishments and goals will make me feel good but what will make my life truly amazing is my memories with loved ones and looking beside me to see my amazing husband.

The next time you are about to say you are “too busy” or “So busy”… remember, you are the one making that choice.



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