Wedding| Is a Registry really necessary?

I never realized until I got engaged how opinionated people were about a wedding registry- who knew?! I quickly realized there were so many ways to approach this topic, but picking the most appropriate one was tough.

Some of our friends decided on a travel registry to help pay for their honeymoon and others decided on a traditional registry at a department store. There are some couples who don’t believe in a registry at all because they feel it is tacky. Among the million decisions one must make to bring their perfect day together, I am guessing conflicts with a registry isn’t one of them.

When my husband and I got married, we decided a traditional registry at a department store was the best option for us. We had been living together for a few years and had already purchased a home. Many of our guests didn’t know what to get us for a gift and some guests were naturally uncomfortable giving money. We felt comfortable with this approach and wanted to give our guests some guidance.

This approach worked best for us, but can vary depending on the couple. How do you know what is best for you?

Wedding ConsultantLet me introduce you to Michelle over at A Dream to Call Your Own. Michelle is a Wedding Consultant, helping to make countless couple’s special day go off without a hitch!

I sat down with Michelle to ask her a few questions about this unexpectedly hot button topic in the wedding world. This is what she had to say…

Do you recommend having a wedding registry? Absolutely! I feel that a registry is helpful and benefits most guests, as well as the couple getting married. Having a registry helps guests who wish to get the couple a gift a guide with ideas for items to purchase. The registry gives them the comfort of knowing what a couple could use and would like when starting their marriage together.

What type of items do you recommend including on a registry? Well, I am a firm believer that a registry needs to incorporate items that hit all price points. Make sure to include items such as: towels, sheets, everyday dishware, a set of knives, small appliances, etc. I could go on forever! Don’t forget to include those items that you may need but don’t even cross your mind… did someone say can opener and cheese grater!!!??… both are items that may make preparing that meal a little easier. Now-a-days, a couple can register for almost anything, including their honeymoon. Since each couple is different, each registry will be too!

Do you recommend having a separate registry for a bridal shower? I feel that one registry is usually sufficient. I do recommend that after the bride’s showers are complete, they review their registry of the items purchased. If they notice that most of the gifts have been received, it may be helpful to add a few items onto the registry in case some guests have not purchased a gift. A review prevents guests from scrambling to think of a gift idea or from purchasing duplicate items.

Should a couple compile the registry together or can one of them take on the responsibility? I say together!!! You are starting your lives together as a married couple, why not build your home together? Start with your wedding registry! It is also a great way to begin compromising about the many decisions regarding your home, which will last the rest of your life! (Like planning a wedding wasn’t giving you enough practice already?!)

Can you tell she has done this once or twice?! If you are engaged and need some guidance or perhaps day-of help for your wedding, visit Michelle’s website for package and contact information.

*I did not receive payment or compensation for this post. Thoughts and opinions expressed are of my own.



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