On Top of the World! In Banff, AB

Canada is truly such a beautiful country. Living here my entire life, I ashamed to say I have only witnessed a few of the spectacular places Canada has to offer.

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the province of Alberta for a work project. During my stay, I had some free time to explore an area I had heard about my whole life, Banff Alberta. You can see the mountains that go on for miles, a sight that is truly breath-taking. My day of exploration involved standing at the top of a mountain, looking out for miles, breathing in the the fresh air and never feeling more free.

What is a day of exploring without having a latte at the highest Starbucks in Canada?! So amazing!

banff mountains breath-taking

Banff mountains

Banff mountains view

Banff mountain top view

Improvement District No. 9-20140126-00182

view of a life time, mountains, Banff

Starbucks highest in Canada



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