Spring is Coming! I can feel it!

Happy LOVE day world!!

Whether you agree with this “Hallmark holiday” or not, it is a day where the majority of the population seems to be in a good mood. My husband and I typically will go out for dinner and simply spend time together. We value time as a gift, since we don’t get a lot of it.

Spring is coming! I can feel it in my bones. I went for a run last night after work and even though the temperature was still in the – minus’, it was still warmer than what we have been subject to for the last few months. I am starting to feel my version of Spring Fever, which means I have the urge to renovate and redecorate. It happens every year! lol

Remember that table I asked for your suggestions on?? Well, the overhaul has started!

I started to strip the old black paint (and a few additional layers) off the other night. To my surprise, the wood underneath is fantastic!!! It was a nice change. Stay tuned for the finished product!




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