Insightful Monday Week 47

I am pleased to start off my post with a follow-up from last week’s yoga adventure… I absolutely loved it! Many years ago I attempted a yoga class at my gym and truly did not have an enjoyable experience. After attending my first beginners class, I can report my experience was greatly different. The beginners class is at a strictly dedicated yoga studio with passionate instructors. The environment is warm, inviting and calm. I am so excited for my next class and to learn more. Currently, I am taking my yoga course once a week on my rest day. I have a feeling it will be a great match up to my love for running and working out!

I think this is a good sage-way into my Insightful Monday quote. Over the last 10 years, my life has completely changed. The person I was then and who I am now is absolutely not the same person. I like to think that change has been for the better. My mind, both spiritually and intellectually, has grown signficantly. Not until recently have I truly been able to embrace change and grow from it. I am still not great at embracing every change in my life but it is a continuous journey I am willing to take.

What change have you allowed yourself to grow from?




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