The Good of this Winter

Winter Image By March, many of us are tired of the cold winter tempatures and the snow that covers the ground. I think it is fair to say much of Canada and North/Mid- United States have faced an unusually long and severe winter. It is often the first topic of conversation and the primary complaint of the general public.

What if I asked you this: What has this winter done for you?

May seem like an odd question, but stay with me…

In the fall, I gave some serious thought about feeling content. Sounds easy enough, right? When I began to think of what that looked like, tangible but meaningful actions, it proved to be a more difficult task than I originally thought.

If I may take a moment to be vulnerable here, I can admit I had never felt completely content in my life. With all that I have accomplished and the wonderful people that surround me, it was incredibly sad to me that I couldn’t say I was content with what I had in my life. I wanted that to change by putting life into perspective, not because I needed to but because I wanted to.

My journey started with reading a few recommended books, many of them found in the self-help section of your local book store. At first, reading a “self-help” book was a weird and uncomfortable concept. I actually felt guilty, like something was wrong with me. After finishing quite a few books, I can tell you I am pretty addicted! Yes, addicted to self-help books. Figure that one out!

Next, I began my love for painting again, along with more family time, quality friend time and general relaxation. With my husband’s career becoming significantly more demanding and my desire to become domestically “talented”, I had more time to dedicate to that learning curve… and believe me, it was a true learning curve! Being able to help out my husband a little more on a daily basis made me happy because I knew how much he appreciated it. I feel fortunate to have a partner that never expects the traditional “Man & Woman” duties around the house to play out, we both contribute. At times that contribution is more from one than the other, but it works for us. As the old saying goes, “it all comes out in the wash”.

Since the weather outside was very cold and there was significant amounts of snow on the ground, I felt a greater sense of justification to stay inside. I guess you could say I was somewhat “forced” to embrace this journey. Funny how life works, right?

So… What did this winter do for me? It gave me an opportunity to become content in my life, appreciate all I have accomplished and the wonderful people that surround me. Being inside more didn’t make me complain or be miserable like many of my friends or collegues, I actually felt happier on a day-to-day basis than I ever have.

Cheers to the extended Winter of 2013/2014… you gave me an opportunity to find true inner happiness.



One thought on “The Good of this Winter

  1. What an awesome blog today. it’s so great how you can see the positive side of what many people would consider a very depressing time of the year. I am one who also sees the beauty in winter and would have to say is my second favorite time of year; fall being first!

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